Paolo Vasapolli and Chris Del GrecoUWindsor executive chef Paolo Vasapolli and Chris Del Greco, owner of greenhouse operator Under Sun Acres.

Food Services taps local source for sweet peppers

The University’s Food Services will partner with Leamington-based Under Sun Acres to use its bell peppers in campus meals, says executive chef Paolo Vasapolli.

“We are pleased to announce this partnership, bringing fresh local produce to our diners,” Vasapolli says.

The company operates one of Ontario’s largest greenhouse facilities. It is a technology leader, investing in systems for energy co-generation and filtration, research into solar power, and more.

“Our in-house entomologist and research team of scientists and engineers allows Under Sun Acres to cultivate innovative ideas and push technological barriers,” says owner Chris Del Greco. “We believe we are a leading example of modern greenhouse life.”

Vasapolli has also supplied Under Sun Acres with recipes to introduce consumers to creative uses for peppers: stuffed with orzo, roasted, or stewed into the Italian dish peperonata.

Watch for the company’s wares in dishes in the University’s food outlets.

peppers stuffed with orzo, roasted, peperonata.
UWindsor executive chef Paolo Vasapolli has created recipes using sweet peppers from Leamington-based grower Under Sun Acres.