placards depicting people killed in plane crashA weekly bereavement group will help students heal after the Jan. 8 plane crash which claimed the lives of five members of the UWindsor community.

Group meetings to support grieving students

The Student Counselling Centre is hosting a weekly bereavement group to support students in their time of grief as well as to help inspire hope and healing following the Iran tragedy.

“An individual’s response to grief will depend on their unique experiences, circumstances, culture, and personality,” says Ashley Vodarek of the Wellness Outreach Office. “This group is designed to help students identify their own ways of dealing with grief and loss, explore their emotions surrounding their personal loss, and develop coping skills to help them in this time of need.”

The bereavement group meets every Tuesday 3 to 4 p.m. in the CAW Student Centre Boardroom, room 277. The first session will be held on Jan. 28, and the group will be offered until Feb. 25.

Students are encouraged to call ahead if they plan to attend. Direct any questions to the Student Counselling Centre, 519-253-3000 ext. 4616 or