excited students at the Designing Change for a Living Planet competitionThe Designing Change for a Living Planet competition challenges students to share ideas on how to build a sustainable future.

National program to encourage sustainable measures for university campuses

A partnership with World Wildlife Fund Canada is inviting University of Windsor students to design and pitch unique ideas for sustainability.

Living Planet @ Campus is an event on March 14 in Toronto. Students from any academic discipline are invited to brainstorm and create plans to help their campus be more sustainable and fight climate change.

Émilie Weidl, founding president of UWindsor Climate Action, called the event inspiring.

“The best thing that the WWF conference did for me was allow me to meet other like-minded individuals,” she says. “This has inspired me to push for sustainable initiatives on my campus, as I know that there is support for this among the student body.”

The program affords students the opportunity to connect with other post-secondary students and gain new contacts with professionals in the industry. Once students finalize their sustainable concept, they present their ideas to a panel of expert judges where there is a chance to win a prize.

Students must apply as an individual or as a team of four by Feb. 17.

To learn more, contact sociology professor Tanya Basok, UWindsor’s environmental sustainability advocate, at sustainability@uwindsor.ca.

—Dana Roe

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