parade of flags of many nationsA flag parade will open the Celebration of Nations at noon Thursday.

Multicultural menu to mark approach of cultural celebration

Food Services will welcome Thursday’s Celebration of Nations by serving up international cuisines for lunch in the lead-up.

The Marketplace in the CAW Student Centre will feature foods of east Africa on Monday, Jamaica on Tuesday, and Iran on Wednesday.

On the bills of fare are:

  • Monday, March 16
    Awaze chicken thighs with berbere spice
    Tanzanian fish curry — salmon with curry spices, coconut milk, tamarind
    Misir wot — Ethiopian lentil stew
    Pilau rice with spice blend, coconut milk and cashews
    Ethiopian seasoned cabbage
  • Tuesday, March 17
    Jerk chicken
    Jamaican beef patties
    Pigeon pea stew
    Rice and beans and fried plantains
    Ginger beer on ice
  • Wednesday, March 18
    Kabab koobideh — ground beef kababs with parsley and onion
    Juje kabab — spiced chicken kabab
    Ash — a thick stew of spinach with sour cream and vinegar
    Shirin polow rice with carrots, raisins, and almonds

The Celebration of Nations cultural festival will run through the afternoon Thursday, March 19, with performances, demonstrations, and displays of food, education, dance, dress, and music.