Image: Lancer shield with motto "Do more, say less"A team from IT Services won Tuesday’s prize draw for the Let’s Get Moving Virtual Team Challenge.

Competition challenging employees to get moving

The Let’s Get Moving Virtual Team Challenge has provided real incentive for him to keep active during the pandemic lockdown, says Steve Karamatos.

Manager of technology and innovation in IT Services, he captains the Active Shut-ins team, which claimed a prize in Tuesday’s weekly draw. Karamatos and his teammates Marlene Kemski, Arpa Smith, and Rajasi Upadhyay will each receive a T-shirt and tickets to a Lancer varsity game, courtesy of the athletics department.

“I wouldn’t be exercising nearly as much if it weren’t for this challenge,” Karamatos says. “It reminds you every day to get in some minutes so you don’t let down your side.”

He plans to take in a Lancer hockey game once the season begins, noting that the arena is within walking distance of his home.

The competition encourages staff and faculty to exercise during their social isolation, equating each 10 minutes of physical activity to a two-metre climb of well-known buildings and mountains.

Each Tuesday will see additional prize draws for teams that submit their forms by the previous Monday, culminating May 12 with final awards for most creative team name and highest per capita climb.