Braunte PetricBraunte Petric and her partners Oliver Balmokune and Adam Dunn are the founders of Vectorgaze digital media company.

Media company hopes to help Windsor join global marketplace

If the founders of Vectorgaze have their way, interactive storytelling with striking visuals and cutting-edge technology will no longer be the domain of massive corporations.

The startup is a digital media company that wants to help other businesses grow by developing material for training, prototyping, simulation, and marketing.

The company is one of seven working with the Entrepreneurship Practice and Innovation Centre this summer through the RBC EPIC Founders program, a 12-week startup accelerator for students and recent graduates who want to turn their ideas into businesses.

The three Vectorgaze founders — Braunte Petric, Oliver Balmokune, and Adam Dunn — hope the experience will help them learn to run a business.

“We will be an essential partner for the continued growth of Windsor businesses in the global marketplace,” they write in a company profile on the EPICentre website. “We help businesses minimize miscommunications with their clients, therefore saving on time, money, and frustration.”