Group of people headlined "Class Action"A seven-minute video provides viewers with a solid foundation in the basics of a class action lawsuit.

Video illustrates elements of class action law

This week, the Class Action Clinic at Windsor Law released its first public legal education video illustrating the basic elements of a class action lawsuit. Class actions are big lawsuits and can be complicated, but the seven-minute video provides viewers with a solid foundation that is both straightforward and easy to share.

“Many people across Canada are members of class actions and would benefit from understanding how class actions operate and their rights as class members,” says Windsor Law professor and clinic director Jasminka Kalajdzic.

“Our team wanted to convey legal information in an accessible and engaging way, that can be shared widely across social media platforms.”

The script was developed by the clinic’s staff lawyer Andrew Eckart, Prof. Kalajdzic, and law students Lovejot Bhullar and Azra Alagic. The video was produced and animated by Hello Adventure Animation, a digital marketing and graphics firm located in Guelph, Ontario.

The Class Action Clinic at Windsor Law provides a range of legal services, information, assistance with filing claims in settlement distribution processes, public education,n and outreach. Upon its launch in October 2019, the clinic received start-up funding from the Law Foundation of Ontario. Funds were earmarked for public legal education initiatives as Kalajdzic identified an information gap to be addressed.

The team is currently working on securing additional funding in hopes of creating more videos, including one on the unique responsibilities of representative plaintiffs. To learn more about the Class Action Clinic, visit its website.

—Rachelle Prince

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