person consulting calendar on laptop computerA new calendar will list events to keep UWindsor students connected with their institution and community outside of the classroom.

Calendar of virtual activities to keep students engaged and connected

With the fall semester around the corner, the Office of Student Experience has created a new events calendar for students to reference as they look to stay connected with their institution and their UWindsor community “outside” of the classroom.

“Student experience goes beyond our physical campus,” says Ryan Flannagan, associate vice-president student experience. “Showcasing what virtual activities and events are available is an important first step in keeping our students engaged.”

Collaborating with other campus departments, the online Students Events Calendar is housed on the Office of Student Experience website, highlighting events and activities available for UWindsor students.

“Campus life at the University of Windsor might look a little different right now, but the need for high-quality activities remains the same,” Flannagan says. “It's important to recognize that things aren’t always as we want them to be or wish they could be, but part of our work is to figure out how we best move forward together.”

The calendar currently features events taking place as early as Sept. 5 and continues into the month of December.

Staff and faculty are encouraged to share this new events calendar with their students and encourage them to get involved. To add an entry to the Student Events Calendar, fill out the online form.

—Sarah Racinsky