thumbnail image writing tutorial videoA series of video tutorials from the Writing Support Desk covers topics from essay structure to perfecting punctuation.

Tutorials address issues in academic writing

Nowadays, learning often takes place via instructional videos instead of textbooks, says academic writing advisor Jason Horn. A series of video tutorials from the Writing Support Desk is geared toward these visual learners.

“While sites like OWL Purdue might provide clear text instruction on citing and refencing, our videos on APA and MLA provide video instruction on how to construct specific citations and references with engaging use of PowerPoint animations,” Horn says.

“For students who want to invest a little more time learning about the nuances of academic integrity, citation, and references, we have some longer videos, and for those who are in a rush, we have short videos on more specific topics.”

The tutorials cover everything from essay structure to editing for conciseness and perfecting punctuation.

“The fact that students can access them online any time makes them a very convenient resource,” says Horn. “We hope that faculty members and instructors will recommend them to their students.”

There are currently 36 videos posted to the site with more to come. Find them on the Writing Support Desk website.