stacked game boxes: Cranium, Scrabble, Monopoly, OperationKnowledge of board games helped secure a victory for the PAC Rats team in Friday’s faculty-staff Trivia Night competition.

Competition and co-operation characterize trivia contest

An online trivia night Friday proved fun for UWindsor faculty and staff, with a dozen teams fielding a total of 55 contestants.

Organized by human kinetics professors Patti Weir, Sarah Woodruff, and Paula van Wyk, the Oct. 30 event posed stumpers in categories ranging from classic board games to the works of Dr. Seuss.

“Technology challenges aside, this was a wonderful way to bring our UWindsor community together for some fun,” said Dr. Weir. “We have received such positive feedback.”

A squad from Public Affairs and Communications — John Coleman, Kevin Johnson, Lori Lewis, Angelo Montilla, and Sarah Sacheli — finished atop the leaderboard and has pledged to organize a follow-up competition.

“We look forward to the PAC Rats organizing the next trivia night,” said Weir. “This one was such a success we hope to have even more of our colleagues join us in the future.”