Professor invites UWindsor community to join class cohort in celebrating #WorldKindnessDay

Instructor Tim Brunet encourages students, staff, and faculty to join his class in Social Media & Mobile Technology to bring World Kindness Day to life in the UWindsor community and beyond.

The campaign offers a pro-social space where people can re-imagine their daily lives in a way that spreads kindness, hope, and care for others.

“Whether you want to reach out to a family member, a friend you miss, play kindness bingo, or thank a business for their work during the pandemic, there are many options that you can do to make someone’s day,” says Brunet. “It’s a practice that can go a long way during the COVID19 pandemic.”

He uses online public conversations as pedagogical opportunities in his teaching.

“World Kindness Day offers an opportunity to blend aspects of well-being and kindness while navigating an authentic social media campaign,” says Brunet.

His students reviewed the campaign, the social media assets, and suggested online strategies for spreading kindness.

The event kicks off on Nov. 13. Participate or watch it unfold by searching the hashtags #UWinCOMP2097 and #WorldKindnessDay. Watch a video promoting Random Acts of Kindness: