Assumption HallThe University of Windsor is focused on addressing manifestations of anti-Black racism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination, president Robert Gordon wrote Thursday in a message to the campus community.

President issues statement regarding Delta Chi fraternity

UWindsor president Robert Gordon announced the suspension of privileges for the Delta Chi fraternity to book space on campus after a series of messages allegedly exchanged by its members were brought to his attention.

“Many of the messages shared in this note are disturbing, unacceptable, and entirely incongruent with the values of our school and the work we are doing to create a more inclusive and equitable community at the University of Windsor,” Dr. Gordon wrote in a message to the campus community Thursday.

“As president, I take responsibility for the progress we need to make to ensure that our campus protects the emotional, physical, and psychological safety of everyone in our community.”

Acknowledging that the organization does not have a formal relationship with the University, he pledged to launch an investigation into the matter and noted it has also been referred to Windsor Police Services.

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