A poster promotes the soup recipe book by the I-FuELS team.The Faculty of Engineering's I-FuELS team has published a book of soup recipes available by donation, with proceeds going to t he University of Windsor Students' Alliance Food Pantry.

Soup recipes offer warm comfort to students in need

The I-FuELs research team in the Faculty of Engineering typically focuses on positioning Canada as a global leader in intelligent fuels and energy technologies.

However, this holiday season, the team comprised of 22 members hopes to brighten a challenging year with a book of comforting soup recipes that showcases the group’s diversity and supports UWindsor students who are experiencing financial hardships because of the pandemic. 

Compiled by the I-FuELs team, this personal collection of favourite recipes is sure to bring warmth to your kitchen and to the hearts of those in need of support. 

All proceeds go to the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance (UWSA) Food Pantry. Due to COVID-19, the food pantry has become an essential service to cater to the high demand of students who have lost income due to job loss or lack of job opportunities or had less access to food due to closures of businesses, city services, and university services.

Visit the I-FuELs website to download the recipe book and make a donation.