cover of booklet Destination ScienceA new booklet from the Faculty of Science highlights accomplishments and achievements in research, teaching, and outreach.

UWindsor Science at discipline’s leading edge

A new booklet from the Faculty of Science highlights accomplishments and achievements in research, teaching, and outreach. Read Destination Science: At the Leading Edge.

The Faculty of Science has seen tremendous enrolment growth consistently over the last five years, says dean Chris Houser.

“With a focus on hands-on learning in the lab and in the field, and a commitment to undergraduate research, service learning, internships, co-ops, and study abroad, undergraduate enrolment in our faculty has been growing at a rate greater than the provincial average for the sciences,” he says.

Growth has been particularly strong in health and biomedical sciences and in computer science, where Dr. Houser notes increasing strength in health research and innovation, cybersecurity, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The substantial growth in undergraduate enrolment has been matched by strong growth in graduate enrolment which he predicts will continue with the introduction of 2+2 transfer programs and community-relevant programs over the next couple of years.

Programs offered by the faculty’s USci Network are engaging science students in a greater number and diversity of activities focused on science communication, career development, diversity and inclusivity in science, and student mental health and wellness.

“Providing students with opportunities to develop both their technical and transferable skills both inside and outside the classroom allows them to better prepare for their future careers in science,” says biomedical sciences professor Dora Cavallo-Medved, faculty leader of the USci Network. “In partnership with our faculty and the local community, students are playing a significant role in the growth and evolution of the Faculty of Science into the Destination Science program in Ontario. This is the place students want to be to learn, grow, and give back.”

Student organizations also provide social, service, and leadership opportunities to all students in the Faculty of Science. The Science Society, along with the Computer Science Society and individual departmental clubs, offers a variety of events and programs combining academics and community building to provide networking opportunities that stimulate personal and professional development.

“Advocating, representing, and unifying students in the Faculty of Science is the cornerstone of the work that our group of student leaders is dedicated to throughout every academic year,” says Luke Strong, president of the Science Society.

This growth has been supported by an investment in new faculty who are rising stars in fields across the sciences, from neutron scattering to healthy headwaters. They have contributed to a significant growth research funding led by large federal grants including the Real-Time Aquatic Ecosystem Observation Network (RAEON); Fisheries management and conservation Careers in Science and Technology (FISHCast); and the Genomic Network for Fish Identification, Stress and Health (GEN-FISH), as well as partnerships with industrial collaborators.

During the pandemic, science researchers have also played an active role in studying the novel coronavirus and researching strategies that keep Canadians safe, including new testing methods, wastewater monitoring, and mask testing. Seed funding for these projects has been supported by the Faculty of Science and the WE-SPARK Health Institute.

“The Faculty of Science continues to develop formidable research expertise across diverse fields, ranging from the environment, to biomedical science, to advanced materials, to data analytics and visualization,” says Dan Mennill, associate dean of graduate studies and research. “In many fields, scientists at University of Windsor are leaders at a national and international level, and we strive to propel all science researchers higher with strong and transparent support.”

The faculty is the Destination Science program in the Province of Ontario. Find out more through the new booklet.

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