Frank DeMarco, Laura DeMarcoFrank DeMarco and his granddaughter Laura DeMarco celebrate her Ontario University Athletics gold medal in golf.

Interview highlights contributions of Lancers’ founding athletic director

Frank DeMarco, founding athletic director for the University of Windsor, helped develop and shape the athletic department by creating new opportunities for athletes while continuing to uphold high academic standards for those students.

Dr. DeMarco celebrated his 100th birthday Sunday, and Lancer correspondent, Andrew Papadopoulos, spoke remotely with him and two of his grandchildren, who are currently studying at UWindsor while competing on the Lancer varsity golf team.

Both Laura DeMarco and her brother Thomas DeMarco discussed how their grandfather’s local legacy and influence influenced their decision to stay home, and study while also learning life lessons that have shaped the people they are today.

The younger DeMarcos touch on important advice from their grandfather that has helped them succeed academically — and athletically.

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