BCNSA vice-president Alyssa Arundine seated before computer screen displaying "Brain Awareness Week"Students from the behaviour, cognition, and neuroscience program — including BCNSA vice-president Alyssa Arundine — have developed learning modules for local Grade 5 classes during Brain Awareness Week.

Students join brain awareness campaign

Students in the behaviour, cognition, and neuroscience program have created a suite of activities for local Grade 5 classes in recognition of Brain Awareness Week — a global campaign to foster public enthusiasm and support for brain science.

From March 15 to 21, participants around the world will host imaginative activities in their communities that share the wonders of the brain.

The UWindsor team, working in partnership with Let’s Talk Science Outreach, developed modules suitable for distance learning, including a sensory scavenger hunt, an explanation of optical illusions, an experiment into the Stroop effect of verbal reactions, a demonstration of auditory threshold, and a memory game.

“My role was just to schedule meetings and visits, to be honest,” says experiential learning specialist Michelle Bondy. “The students came up with all of the content and engaging activities.”

The group started work on the project in December and will unveil it to the elementary students through March 25.