Celebration of Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Creative ActivityA series of articles over the next several weeks will recognize successes and achievements of individual researchers.

Virtual celebration to recognize accomplishments in research, scholarship, and creative activity

While the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation last year of the annual Celebration of Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity, a new form of acknowledgement will take its place, says K.W. Michael Siu, vice-president, research and innovation.

“Starting today and continuing over the next several weeks, we will celebrate the success of our colleagues,” he says. “At the University of Windsor, research permeates everything that we do, and I am delighted to share with you that the fields of study being recognized exemplify a very broad array of the excellent work being done on our campus.”

DailyNews will publish a series of articles alerting readers to the recognition of individual researchers’ success and achievements, for a celebration like no other since the awards were established in 2000, says UWindsor president Robert Gordon.

“Though we have typically met in person to fête those researchers who have made outstanding contributions to their disciplines over the past year, we are no less honoured to join our colleagues virtually in a genuine celebration of all we have accomplished as a research community over the past two years,” says Dr. Gordon.

“Even though circumstances have forced us to be apart physically, we continue the spirit of awards that give us an opportunity to recognize the outstanding efforts of our researchers.”

The materials will also populate the website of the Celebration of Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity. Watch the introductory video.

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