woman next to slogan International Student Tuition Guarantee The UWindsor International Tuition Guarantee promises a tuition rate unchanged for the typical length of time required for a degree.

University guarantees tuition stability for international students

The University of Windsor is providing financial predictability for international students and their families by guaranteeing stability in their tuition for the duration of their program.

The UWindsor International Tuition Guarantee removes economic uncertainty for all international students, excluding those covered by the U.S. Neighbour rate. It will make the costs of studying abroad more predictable, easier to plan for, and more manageable for international students — especially during the pandemic.

The program places each international student in a cohort year based on their first term of entry at the University of Windsor. Each cohort is guaranteed an unchanged tuition rate for the typical length of time required for the degree. For example, for undergraduate students, 15 consecutive terms are provided as part of the guarantee. For a Master of Management student, four consecutive terms are provided.

This program also serves as an additional incentive for students to graduate on time.

All international students starting in Summer 2021 and onward will be automatically assigned a cohort year. For international students who registered before Summer 2021, the University has committed to freeze all international tuition rates: any students who began their UWindsor studies before the Summer 2021 term will see no increase in their tuition.

Find more information on ask.uwindsor.ca.