new student learning how to registerMaterial presented during New Student Registration Days remain available for the next 60 days.

New students get registration assistance at online event

New Student Registration Days attracted more than 1,100 registrants who will begin undergraduate studies this fall, providing info about course selection, technical support, campus facilities — and registering for classes.

The online event ran three days: June 16, 17, and 19, and was designed to assist incoming Lancers navigate the process of registering for their initial UWindsor courses.

“New students sometimes experience pitfalls on their road to joining us here on campus,” says Chris Busch, associate vice-president for enrolment management. “This event, along with our Plan Your Program website, are meant to help them overcome those challenges, whether it’s not understanding the process, difficulties connecting with an advisor, or rules around prerequisites.”

He adds that the increasing popularity of individualized programs of study adds to the complexity of responding to inquiries.

“Frankly, we have been amazed at the volume of activity associated with students pursuing double majors, adding certificates to their studies, and options of that nature,” he says.

Faculty and staff prepared a series of presentations for last week’s event, including first-year, fall term course selections by program area.

The materials remain available to registrants and attendees for the next 60 days. Download materials, watch presentations, and connect through chat at The video resources are also available on the UWindsor New Student Registration Day event page at