computer screen displaying UWinsite Student systemA cross-campus project will bring the UWinsite Student system in line with the latest technical, functional, and security-related features and fixes.

Enhancement to UWinsite Student reaches testing stage

The UWinsite Student Update Project has reached the initial testing phase earlier than expected with most of the retrofit now complete. The update includes the latest security-related features, functionality, and fixes, ensuring the agility to meet ever-changing campus needs.

“The updates are behind the scenes and most users will not notice a major difference,” says acting registrar Lorraine Grondin. “At the same time, the update puts us in a better position to address issues as they arise.”

This is also in line with the University’s commitment at the onset of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) project for UWinsite Student to be sustainable, scalable, best-practice driven, and student-centric.

A core group of staff from the Student Accounts Office, Student Awards and Financial Aid, Information Technology Services, and the Office of the Registrar have been working on the project. Employees from these offices have dedicated part of their workdays to test the new environment, leaving less time to respond to issues and provide reports.

“We appreciate the campus community’s patience as we continue with this project,” Grondin says.

In the coming weeks, as the project moves to the final implementation phase, more individuals from across campus will be asked to test. This update is expected to launch on Nov. 22.

Questions regarding the UWinsite Student Update Project can be sent to