The new Suitcase to Backpack program helps International students adjust to life on campusSuitcase to Backpack program a new resource for Year 1 International students

Suitcase to Backpack offers help to International Students

The International Student Centre will be offering its first-ever Suitcase to Backpack Program for incoming Year 1 undergraduate international students this fall to assist in the early stages of their Lancer journies and offer resources for continued success.

The program is divided by topical modules with an aim to helping students develop life skills and socialization. Topics include:


  • How to survive the first semester in Canada; 
  • Living in Canada;
  • How to be successful as a student;
  • Campus and Community Support;
  • Health and Fitness; and
  • How to proceed.

Suitcase to Backpack reviews the information offered during ISC Orientation, Welcome Week, and other on-boarding events and offers an opportunity for students to better understand and ask questions within a smaller, personalised setting.

A peer mentorship component is a key element of the program and connects incoming students with current UG student mentors who can share their experiences and establish a campus community.

The program will be offered virtually over six weeks from  September 17 to October 22, and will include  weekly live sessions and additional contact hours with mentors.

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