Prevent-Resist-Support graphicThe Prevent Resist Support podcast focuses on the ins and outs of campus-based sexual violence prevention.

Podcast shines light on preventing sexual violence

Local approaches to tackling the complex issue of sexual and gender-based violence is the subject of a new podcast run by Anne Rudzinski of the UWindsor Office of Sexual Violence Prevention, Resistance, and Support.

Each episode features a guest who addresses a different aspect of the topic, from feminist training in self-defence to red flags for relationship violence, supporting trans loved ones to civil legal options.

The podcast format enables students to access it at their convenience, Rudzinski says.

“During the pandemic, we’ve found that it's hard for some students to come to events that are hosted at a specific date and time. This way, students can engage in the content whenever they’d like to,” she says.

The podcast is available at as well on popular channels.

It’s just one part of the new Prevent Resist Support campaign, which also includes Bystander Initiative and other workshops, and messaging through social media. Learn more about this comprehensive strategy for addressing sexual violence on its website.