Class Action Clinic logoThe settlement of a securities class action lawsuit included an award of $90,000 to the Class Action Clinic at Windsor Law.

Law clinic to receive settlement fund from class action suit

Judge Edward M. Morgan of the Superior Court of Justice has approved the settlement of a securities class action lawsuit, and in doing so, approved an award of $90,000 to the Class Action Clinic at Windsor Law in leftover or cy près funds.

In his decision, Justice Morgan wrote: “The clinic provides research support for class actions, works on law reform initiatives in the field, and serves a valuable educational role for law students. It is a worthy cause and an appropriate recipient of a cy près award.”

Clinic director and Windsor Law professor Jasminka Kalajdzic says the clinic will use the funds to assist class members with settlement claims and to provide other legal advice, as well as to research ways to improve dissemination of settlement notices.

“I am really grateful for another judicial endorsement of the clinic’s mission,” says Prof. Kalajdzic, referencing the decision of Justice Edward Belobaba in MacDonald et al v. BMO Trust Company et al which resulted in the clinic being awarded $250,000 in cy près funds earlier this year.

Dean of law Reem Bahdi says the clinic exemplifies the faculty’s justice-seeking, community-engaged, and people-centred ethos.

“The cy près funds represent the highest endorsement of the research, teaching, and service undertaken at the clinic under Professor Kalajdzic’s extraordinary leadership,” she says.

To learn more about the Class Action Clinic, visit its website.

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