graphic of people talkingA workshop Friday will discuss engaging the community in research projects.

Panel to discuss engaging community in research

WE-Spark Health Institute will host an introductory “Community-Engaged Research Workshop and Panel Discussion,” open to all levels and research backgrounds on Friday, Oct. 22.

“Involving community members or knowledge users in a research project supports knowledge dissemination,” says Adriana Grande, the institute’s knowledge translation co-ordinator. “Beyond that, it makes meaningful contributions to our local community and individual research disciplines.”

The workshop will begin with a review of the introductory concepts of community-engaged research — a collaborative process between researchers and community members which aims to support meaningful creation and dissemination of knowledge as well as research outcomes.

Experts who have worked or led these types of projects will participate in a panel discussion:

  • Clementa Stan, caregiver and community member
  • Edward Cruz, assistant professor, Faculty of Nursing
  • Paula van Wyk, associate professor, Faculty of Human Kinetics
  • Caroline Hamm, medical oncologist, Windsor Regional Hospital
  • Dora Cavallo-Medved, learning specialist professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences

Learn how engaging with the community can benefit your research project, and how and where to start. Join the virtual event, part of WE-Spark’s Knowledge Translation Workshop Series, at noon Friday, Oct. 22, via Microsoft Teams. Everyone is welcome. Click here to register.