man looking proud at his ability to protect his computer dataIndividual vigilance is the best defence against cyber-attacks.

Security experts urge cyber-caution

Increasing dependence on digital devices and the internet to perform daily tasks like work, banking, shopping, and pandemic social contact, makes cybersecurity ever more important, and taking measures to protect personal and work data on a regular basis decreases that vulnerability.

“People are really our best line of defence when it comes to preventing cyber-attacks. Being a human firewall will safeguard you and the University community,” says Kevin Macnaughton, team lead security in Information Technology Services. “If individuals keep vigilant, it bolsters the technical measures our security team employs.”

This past month’s campaign is focused on cybersecurity best practices around:

  • Working from home and campus
  • Spotting phishing attempts
  • Caring for your computer
  • Securing mobile devices

Test your instincts to review the content shared throughout the month.

Cybersecurity awareness continues well beyond the month of October. Visit web pages dedicated to the subject.

To highlight the global cybersecurity efforts, have a look at the United States’ campaign page and the topics they covered each week.

Led by IT Services, Cybersecurity Awareness Month efforts highlight cybersecurity issues relevant to the UWindsor community. More information is available at