Grace Hamelin, a second-year creative writing studentGrace Hamelin, a second-year creative writing student, won the “Why Humanities?” competition.

Poem provides an answer to the question “Why Humanities?”

Second-year creative writing major Grace Hamelin was excited to win the “Why Humanities?” competition with her entry, a poem entitled Why Humanities? After Recovery, We Heal.

This year’s Why Humanities contest was the first one I have submitted to,” Hamelin says. “My entire university experience has been online so far, so it’s very reaffirming to know that when I put my voice out there it’s actually heard within the university community, especially considering how isolating online school can feel.”

Entries in the 2021 edition of the contest addressed the theme “Why Do Humanities Matter In A Post Recovery World?”

Hamlin’s poem includes the lines

The writers, the artists, philosophers, professors,
connect us like tunnels snaking through our conscience,
unifying and reinforcing.

Her efforts earned Hamelin a credit worth one semester’s tuition.

“In a hectic second year of university, it’s definitely comforting to win a semester’s tuition,” she says. “One less thing I have to worry about!”

Read her award-winning poem on the Humanities Research Group website.