hands supporting studentsAn online program to support new undergraduate students is intended to supplement existing transition programming.

Transition course intended as non-credit resource

An online program in development to support new undergraduate students starting next fall is intended as a non-credit optional resource to supplement existing transition programming, says the team responsible for its design.

The proposed UWindsor 101: The First Year Transition program is meant to add to support offered by faculties, the Student Success and Leadership Centre, and other areas across campus, says Chris Busch, associate vice-president, enrolment management.

“We see this new program as just one additional piece of a holistic educational community to support student success, retention, and ultimately graduation,” he says. “Our plan is to allow for future customization as applicable to students’ individual journeys.”

He says the team’s earlier communications may have caused some confusion.

Campus community members interested in becoming involved or providing feedback on proposed content, aesthetics, and potential areas of improvement, may contact the development team at transitioncourse@uwindsor.ca.