Domonic RollinsDomonic Rollins will lead an interactive seminar exploring how to engage, sustain, and deepen intra- and interracial dialogues on Wednesday, March 9.

Seminar to explore racial equity, diversity, and inclusion

An interactive seminar on Wednesday, March 9, will explore how to engage, sustain, and deepen intra- and interracial dialogues in personal and professional contexts.

Domonic Rollins, an expert facilitator of inclusive organizational change, will teach the three components of the The Courageous Conversation Protocol.

Rollins, who also served as the inaugural senior diversity and inclusion officer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, will engage in a thoughtful, compassionate exploration of race and racism and grapple with how they influence the cultures and climates of our workplaces and our communities.

Participants will practice strategies for identifying and addressing the policies, programs, and procedures that have a negative impact on the achievement of people of colour and serve as barriers to all people’s fullest potential.

They will also develop the knowledge and requisite skills for engaging, sustaining, and deepening Courageous Conversation about the impact of race and racism on our lives.

The full-day seminar, delivered via Zoom, will be divided into three 1.5-hour segments to facilitate participation.

It is presented by the Centre for Teaching and Learning, in collaboration with the Office of Human Rights Equity and Accessibility and the Windsor University Faculty Association.

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