Art Gallery of WindsorMembers of the disability community of all ages and artistic experiences are invited to submit creative works to an upcoming exhibition at the Art Gallery of Windsor.

Exhibition calls for submissions from disability community

The deadline is looming for submissions to an exhibition at the Art Gallery of Windsor of creative works by members of the disability community across Windsor-Essex.

The disability studies program in the School of Social Work is a co-sponsor of “Disability [R]evolution,” which invites submissions of varied media, including:

  • traditional artwork such as paintings, sculptures, or drawings;
  • letters or correspondence to your future self, an artist, or someone else;
  • photographs taken with a physical camera or a cell phone;
  • objects from your own collection for the length of the exhibition.

The deadline to submit work is Friday, March 11.

Works should address one or both of the themes:

  1. Time Capsule If you could create a time capsule filled with artifacts for a future that you want to see for people with disabilities, what would you include?
  2. Exhibition Response Create a response to an artist or work from Crip Ecologies: Vulnerable Bodies in a Toxic Landscape. Check out Critique the Collection for ideas.

Find details in the call for submissions on the gallery’s website.