Becka MorissonBecka Morisson is the inaugural student rights and empowerment officer for the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance.

Position aims to help students secure rights

A new office in the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance will help full-time undergraduates to understand and exercise their rights as students.

Law student Becka Morisson says her appointment as the inaugural student rights and empowerment officer promises the chance to find areas for improvement within the university justice system, advocate for positive change, and be a voice for students and student rights.

“It’s an honour to have the opportunity to serve the student body in such a meaningful way, and I’m proud to be part of a union that puts students first,” Morisson says.

“With the establishment of this office, we expect to see decreases in case turnaround times, policy improvements in the charges and complaints process, and improved outcomes for students, including increased awareness of students’ rights, a more integrated student support network, and a turn towards restorative justice, as opposed to punitive justice, within the university disciplinary system.”

Her new role will co-ordinate closely with the UWSA vice-president for student advocacy, currently Yu Fei Qin.

Marion Overholt, executive director of Community Legal Aid, says the new position will provide welcome support in helping students learn what services are available to them.

“Community Legal Aid applauds this initiative,” she says. “We look forward to collaborating with Becka on our outreach activities, such as our public legal education workshops.”

Students and faculty with concerns should contact Morisson at

—Alishah Kareem