students in printed circuit boards fabrication labAn open house Friday will introduce the new printed circuit boards fabrication facility in room 2205, Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation.

Open house to introduce lab for fabricating printed circuit boards

A new lab to fabricate printed circuit boards promises to benefit a broad spectrum of UWindsor students looking to use the equipment for academic and research-related projects, says Aya Abu-Libdeh.

Printed circuit boards electrically connect the components of a designed circuit and are vital to modern electronics.

Abu-Libdeh, her classmate Dora Strelkova, and electronics technologist Calvin Love advocated for the construction of a facility to make them.

The Engineering Student Fund has invested more than $80,000 in several machines capable of fabricating the boards, complete with through-hole plating, solder mask, silk screen, and solder paste deposition. The lab is available to all undergraduate engineering students free of charge.  

An open house will welcome visitors to the PCB fabrication lab on Friday, June 10, in room 2205, Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation. The event will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Register here to attend.