Navneet ChhajerMarketing executive Navneet Chhajer teaches the Continuing Education course “Website Tools for Online Sales.”

Continuing Education course teaches sales-focused approach to website development

With millions of online transactions taking place every day, it is essential for small businesses and corporate organizations to create and manage an e-commerce website that will give them a leading edge in the quickly changing and competitive digital marketplace.

The Website Tools for Online Sales course offered through UWindsor Continuing Education guides learners through the process of building an effective e-commerce website, utilizing the tools to optimize transactions from conception to completion.

The course is led by marketing executive Navneet Chhajer (BSc 2004), managing director of a digital performance agency that specializes in e-commerce media strategy. Participants in this course will benefit from the computer science grad’s extensive knowledge, including that gained from his time in senior roles at internet-first companies like Meta (Facebook), Loblaw Digital, and Salesforce.

Chhajer will share his expertise to help learners adapt to the quick e-commerce shift that has been occurring at a pace unforeseen in the past.

“It can seem quite overwhelming at first to commit to a new approach to doing business,” explains Chhajer, “especially when that approach often comes with a demand for speed of execution. My desired outcome from this course is to arm you with knowledge and confidence to accelerate the development of a new sales channel for your business, and in some cases — a new business altogether!”

Website Tools for Online Sales introduces learners to the topic of web management. The course will guide learners through key topics including how to evaluate and investigate available web-development platforms like Shopify, Wix, WordPress, etc. Participants will also gain experience building a website using a development platform, and learn to edit and debug using basic HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript programming.

This non-credit course is delivered through six consecutive three-hour online sessions. Each session will include a mix of lectures, real-world case studies, and hands-on learning activities.

To learn more about the Website Tools for Online Sales course and hear from Navneet Chhajer, visit the Continuing Education website.

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