hand rolling diceThe UWindsor Board Games Club offers a safe and fun environment for players at all levels.

Game play promotes community building and critical thinking: club

With an aim of making board games and tabletop role-playing games accessible and enjoyable for everyone, the University of Windsor Board Games Club promises a friendly global meeting place.

“We play for fun and for education,” says Shasank Natakam, one of the club’s executives. “Our organization offers students the opportunity to expand their strategic knowledge and critical thinking skills, away from the stresses of academia, through board games, card games, or anything the mind can imagine.”

He says members are dedicated to fairness, inclusivity, and sportsmanship and encourages everyone to participate: “Everyone is welcome to become a member, so invite your friends and comes play some games, whether it be fighting Vecna and the Demogorgons, using battleships to sink your enemy’s fleet, or annihilating everyone with a +4.”

Club members hold weekly sessions of Dungeons and Dragons and organize meetings through their Discord community: discord.gg/28zN3pbsCd. More information is available on its official website.