Boblo Boats movie posterShare your memories of Boblo Island amusement park for a short film to run in advance of a documentary on its iconic ferries.

Alumni and friends invited to share memories of iconic amusement park

The University of Windsor Alumni Association is sponsoring an upcoming screening of Boblo Boats: A Detroit Ferry Tale at the Capitol Theatre. The feature-length documentary was a Windsor International Film Festival favourite, telling the story of a doctor, a psychic, and an amusement park fanatic who fight to save two of the oldest surviving passenger steamboats from the scrapyard. 

In advance of the screening, alumni and friends are invited to share their special memories.

Do you have fond recollections of Essex County’s iconic amusement park or the Boblo boats? Were you one of the many seasonal employees? Did you make an annual pilgrimage to the amusement park? Does a ride, show, arcade game, or food evoke a certain nostalgia?

Public Affairs and Communications will film participants and compile a short video to show before the movie. Filming will take place on Jan. 11 and 18.

To take part in the project, contact Fedela Falkner at