Origins café in the Toldo Health Education CentreThe new Origins café in the Toldo Health Education Centre is one of the changes since the University welcomed food service provider Sodexo to campus.

Partnership to diversify campus food options

Partnering with a new provider will enable UWindsor food services to better reflect the many cultures represented on campus, says Ryan Kenney, the University’s associate vice-president, operations.

With significant experience managing large-scale food operations in the education sector, Sodexo has a proven track record of developing and enhancing the food and catering experience for campuses.

“Through this partnership, we plan to broaden and diversify food-service options,” Kenney says. “We are driven by the goal of enhancing the student experience and look forward to the offering of flexible meal plan options and a wide cultural variety of food choices.”

Sodexo is committed to:

  • fostering a culture that supports equity, diversity, and inclusion;
  • environmental sustainability in its food practices; and
  • cultivating a culture of respect, wellness, professional development, and growth.

In January, the campus saw the re-opening of the café in the Odette Building, which will be re-branded as a Tim Hortons outlet in the coming weeks, along with the launch of the Origins café in the Toldo Health Education Centre. All other existing outlets on campus will continue to operate throughout 2023 with users able to purchase items using their existing UwinCARDs.

Students, faculty, and staff may also notice catering, signage, and food offering upgrades across campus, along with other service-related enhancements. Visit the food services website to stay up to date on all food and catering news.