UWindsor kinesiology students wearing apparel from Tecnológico de Costa Rica in an athletics facility.UWindsor kinesiology students are enjoying a study-abroad experience at post-secondary institutions in Costa Rica.

Course takes kinesiology class to Costa Rica

Kinesiology students in both movement science and sport management have been working hard during a study-abroad course in Costa Rica.

Led by instructor Chantal Vallee and professor Sarah Woodruff, the class has focused on cultural integration and experiences while connecting with students and faculty at Tecnológico de Costa Rica.

The university prioritizes sport and culture among its students and offers a multitude of classes in those areas. UWindsor students had the opportunity to participate in salsa and Costa-Rican swing dancing, baseball, swimming, and guitar lessons, all of which were instructed in Spanish.

First-year students Ryan Wawrow and Merrae Sanford had the opportunity to coach the TEC baseball team on proper warm-up movements, technical skills and drills, and game play.

Throughout the week, HK students worked on a project to present to faculty and students on injury prevention and prehabilitation practices to reach optimal performance. The presentation emphasized proper nutrition and hydration, how to test for red flags between quad/hamstring symmetry, knee landing mechanics and strengthening, components of a dynamic warm-up, and yoga.

Next up, the UWindsor students will spend a week at the National University of Costa Rica on the campus designated for kinesiology and health sciences, before heading to the Texas A&M Soltis Centre for research and tourist activities.

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