Grad with cap and gown and coloured cordA new cord added to their Convocation gowns honoured graduates of programs in co-operative education and workplace partnerships.

Accessory honours co-op and internship experience

Co-operative education and internship students were presented with a new distinction at Convocation — a teal and gold cord signifying graduates who complemented their academic studies by participating in Co-operative Education and Workplace Partnerships.

The cords were created to honour and recognize the dedication and effort of those graduating with skills, experiences, and connections that give them a competitive edge in their post-graduate job search, says Kristen Morris, manager of co-operative education and workplace partnerships.

She says the colour teal symbolizes clarity of thought, which students often gain through their work experience and required reflection.

“The colour teal is also connected to the image of sea and sky, representing infinite potential and a future full of possibility,” Morris says. “The colour gold is a symbol of a student’s roots as a Lancer and the hope of continuing that relationship as alumni.”