Paul Preney with SHARCNET serversPaul Preney will discuss computing resources available to researchers through the SHARCNET consortium on Friday, Sept. 29.

Colloquium to discuss computing research resources

A colloquium Friday, Sept. 29, will discuss high performance computing resources available for researchers.

Paul Preney (BSc 1996, MSc 2000, B.Ed 2006), the University of Windsor on-campus staff person for the Shared Hierarchical Academic Research Computing Network (SHARCNET), will present “Advanced, HPC, and Cloud Computing for Research” at 11 a.m. in room 3123, Erie Hall.

The University of Windsor is a founding member of SHARCNET, a consortium of 20 Ontario academic institutions which provides high performance computing clusters, storage, and cloud resources and services to researchers.

Preney will introduce and explain these services, how they can be accessed and used by researchers and their students, and aspects of this year’s Resource Allocation Competition for research groups requiring more computer, storage, or cloud resources than are provided through regular accounts.

The colloquium is presented by the School of Computer Science.

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