collections of Latinx materialsA curated list of resources at the Leddy Library celebrates Latin American Heritage Month in Canada and Hispanic Heritage Month in Ontario.

Reading list celebrates Latin American and Hispanic heritage months

The Leddy Library invites patrons to celebrate Latin American Heritage Month in Canada and Hispanic Heritage Month in Ontario with a curated list of resources to recognize these populations’ cultural contributions to Canada.

“October is an important month for Hispanic and Latin American communities around the world including Hispanic Day (Dia de la Hispanidad), the Day of the Cultures (Dia de las Culturas), the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity (Dia del Respeto a la Diversidad Cultural) and the Day of Indigenous Resistance (Dia de la Resistencia Indigena),” says Annie Kavanagh, who created the list. A co-op librarian from Western University, she is serving a placement at the University of Windsor.

Rather than celebrating Columbus Day on Oct. 12, many Hispanic countries celebrate Dia de la Raza, or the Day of the Race. Mexico has renamed the holiday Day of the Pluricultural Nation to celebrate the diversity of cultures, languages, and ethnicities that reside in Mexico.

Ontario is home to the largest population of Latin Americans in Canada, a diverse population that is one of the fastest-growing cultural groups in Canada. Latin America shares with Canada a legacy of colonization and exploitation and both countries are working towards decolonization and recognizing Indigenous histories.

In honour of these communities, the library has highlighted resources by Latin American and Hispanic authors and about these cultural groups. Explore the collection online.