pharmacist standing next to tall stack of boxesTim Gregorian is giving away an over-supply of empty corrugated storage boxes from his pharmacy in the student centre.

Storage boxes offered free to good homes

Pharmacist Tim Gregorian has a surplus and he’s hoping the campus community can help whittle it down.

Manager of the Windsor Student Centre Pharmacy, he has accumulated a hallway full of sturdy cardboard file boxes.

“Our supplier ships us orders in these bankers boxes,” Gregorian explains. “Now they have just really built up.”

He is offering them free on a first-come, first-served basis to students, faculty, and staff — anyone who can put them to good use.

The boxes measure 40x30x25 cm (16x12x10") and have hinged lids for storing documents of all kinds.

“They cost $3 apiece from an office supply store,” says Gregorian. “These are lightly used and still very serviceable.”

To claim a box, visit the pharmacy on the lower level of the CAW Student Centre.