United Way flag flying outside Chrysler HallThe campus campaign for United Way will conduct a fundraising appeal from Jan. 22 to 26.

Online campaign to appeal for charity support

The campus campaign for United Way will conduct accessible online events and content Jan. 22 to 26, with plans to move back to an in-person effort in the fall.

The charity addresses the most pressing needs of the local community, says professor emeritus Geri Salinitri.

“I am a proud volunteer, donor, and member of Opportunities United,” she says. “The mission of the United Way is to improve the lives of individuals and the health of the community, working to make positive change on matters of education, health care, poverty, and homelessness.”

The campaign focus will be to encourage current donors to consider increasing their gifts and new donors to consider becoming payroll donors — an easy way to give to a worthy cause that has a local impact and believes in the power of education to change people’s lives.

Scheduled activities include:

  • Monday, Jan. 22 - Online launch sessions at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Attendees will be entered in a draw for a bonus vacation day.
  • Wednesday, Jan. 24 – Women United event. Attendees are entered in a draw for a bonus vacation day.
  • Friday, Jan. 26 – Campaign wrap-up, with all donors entered into a draw for three free parking passes.

Visit www.uwindsor.ca/unitedway for more information and to donate.

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