greenhouse lab growing cucumbersResearchers have a chance to attend an information session Friday with representatives of Delphy, a Netherlands-based agriculture company.

Session opens door to new possibilities in agriculture

An online meeting Friday, Feb. 2, offers a unique chance to bridge academic knowledge with real-world agricultural industry experience.

The Office of Research Partnerships invites all students, faculty, and staff to an event featuring representatives of Delphy, a Netherlands-based company with global expertise in foods and flowers.

Director Tom Schnekenburger says the event will provide insights into the dynamic world of agriculture and open doors to potential collaborations and research endeavours between Delphy and the University of Windsor.

“Delphy’s global expertise combined with UWindsor’s dedication to research creates a powerful platform for learning, networking, and potential collaboration,” he says. “Whether you are a student eager to explore research opportunities or a faculty member seeking industry partnerships, this event promises valuable insights and connections.”

The virtual session begins at 9 a.m. Friday. Register here to secure a spot.

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