Lauryn Bodde and Layan BarakatLauryn Bodde and Layan Barakat will host the Great Story Swap on Feb. 21.

Story swap to spark creativity and connection

The power of storytelling runs deep in our lives, says Layan Barakat, from the stories we consume in books and film to the lore passed down through generations.

Marketing and special projects co-ordinator for the Entrepreneurship Practice and Innovation Centre (EPICentre), she and her colleague Lauryn Bodde, campus and community engagement co-ordinator, are presenting a platform for students to harness their literary prowess, engage in interdisciplinary dialogue, and cultivate an appreciation for the various facets of human connection through narrative analysis.

The Great Story Swap is set for Wednesday, Feb. 21, at Sam’s Pizzeria.

“This event is a celebration of creativity and an opportunity to connect on a level beyond words,” Barakat says. “Whether you are a seasoned writer, an aspiring artist, someone looking to connect with like-minded people, or just looking for a new experience, the Great Story Swap welcomes all.”

Attendees may sign up as a pair or be matched with a partner at the event with a mission to craft a story, a saga, or a fable that unveils the depths of another pair’s connection. Pairs will then swap their stories with the people they were assigned to write about. This exercise allows attendees to hone their storytelling skills, find beauty in every person, and know the elements that make them stand out in the eyes of a complete stranger.

The event will be recorded as part of a comprehensive student documentary project.

“By partaking in the Great Story Swap, students contribute to a rich artistic tapestry and the academic discourse within our University,” says Barakat.

Space is limited; learn more and purchase tickets on the event website.

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