students walking through campus green spaceThe UWindsor campus is host to the Ontario Association of Physical Plant Administrators this week for a conference on sustainability.

Facilities officials to explore issues of sustainability

UWindsor sustainability officer Nadia Harduar will provide an overview of the University’s efforts since sustainability was identified as a key priority in its strategic plan during a conference of officials in charge of campus infrastructure today.

“I will discuss significant improvements we’ve made to waste, transit, energy; outline our Carbon Neutral Masterplan roadmap; and share what we’ve learned from feasibility studies into renewable energy” in a talk scheduled for the opening morning of the conference, Harduar says.

Windsor is hosting the Ontario Association of Physical Plant Administrators this week, gathering professionals in higher education facilities management for informative sessions and networking opportunities. With a theme of “Sustainability is the Future: Strengthening Ontario’s Economy,” attendees will consider how to embed principles addressing financial responsibility, climate change, and diversity into organizational and operational strategies.

“Sustainability is driving a complete reframe of how we define successful facilities,” says conference committee chair Danny Castellan, manager of projects and construction in Facility Services. “Our conference will help our colleagues across the province find new approaches to meeting the needs of students and faculty while protecting our natural environment.”

Learn more on the conference website.

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