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Engineering grad finds national park project demands gentle touch

Every engineering project has its idiosyncrasies. But not all engineering jobs take into account the impact of wildlife and hockey pucks.

Those were just two obstacles faced by the engineers renovating the Marsh Boardwalk in Point Pelee National Park. The park’s kilometre-long boardwalk, which reopened this spring, features a new floating section, a pagoda-style viewing area and a new canoe and kayak dock-all wheelchair-accessible. As soon as the ice thawed in the marsh, the push was on to complete construction before it could interfere with migrating birds.

Real-life experience earns leadership appointment for engineering grad

Tramping around in a marsh isn’t something he would recommend for everyone, says Ian Wilson, but it helped him land a dream job.

As part of his research assistantship during his master’s studies in civil engineering, Wilson donned hip waders to survey the Big Creek marsh, which covers more than 700 hectares of southern Essex County.

“It was a foot of muck,” he says. “I got stuck at least a dozen times.”