Undergraduate Students

dialysis patientsMaher El-Masri will work with clinicians at Windsor Regional Hospital on a project that could dramatically improve outcomes for dialysis patients like this one.

Nursing researchers teams up with WRH for dialysis research project

A ground-breaking study being led by a UWindsor researcher and his partners at Windsor Regional Hospital has the potential to dramatically improve conditions for kidney dialysis patients while saving the health care system untold millions of dollars.

Eugene KimEugene Kim has developed a formula to measure entanglement - a fundamental property of quantum mechanics - in superconductors.

Physicist brings entanglement framework to realm of superconductors

Quantum computers have the potential to be significantly more powerful than today’s fastest silicon-based processors, and a central ingredient behind their power is a fundamental property of quantum mechanics known as “entanglement”.

Now a UWindsor physics professor has developed a mathematical formalism for characterizing entanglement in an important class of materials, marking an important step in understanding these systems and a potential contribution toward quantum computing.

Shanawaz Ali Mohammad and Ken Bishop stand with the laser-based custom measuring machineShanawaz Ali Mohammad and Ken Bishop stand with the laser-based custom measuring machine they are exhibiting at the annual conference of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association.

Gauge company hires grad student who designed laser-guided measuring machine

Ken Bishop and his crew at Landau Gage had a great idea for an innovative new quality control product for the auto industry, but knew they needed help making it a reality.

Thanks to a graduate student in engineering and a federal government program that pairs up bright young researchers with potential employers, Bishop’s company has a new prototype they can show off, and a new employee to boot.

Pam and DanBiochemistry PhD student Pam Ovadje and third-year undergrad Daniel Tarade recently presented their research at the Natural Health Products Research Society annual conference in British Columbia and came home with top honours in the oral and poster presentation competitions.

Cancer cell 'suicide' aim of award-winning students

Assisted suicide is topic guaranteed to court all kinds of controversy.

However one place where you’ll get general consensus on the matter is among the students working in the biochemistry lab of Siyaram Pandey, where rather than people, they help cancer cells commit suicide.

“One of the hallmarks of cancer cells is that they forget how to die,” says third-year undergrad Daniel Tarade. “We’re forcing their hand, and causing them to commit suicide.”

Kevin Milne and Craig HarwoodKinesiology professor Kevin Milne and master's student Craig Harwood are investigating whether dehydration may contribute to increased rates of concussion among collegiate athletes.

Researchers probing link between concussions and dehydration

Kevin Milne and Craig Harwood have a pretty strong suspicion that dehydration may result in a greater likelihood of concussion for many athletes.

Proving it, however, is the hard part.

Jeff, Julianna and Joanne SchillerJeff, Julianna and Joanne Schiller take a break from Head Start activities in the CAW Student Centre.

Students get Head Start on university experience

Julianna Schiller was looking forward to leaving home to go away for school—just not too far away.

“It’s far away enough to get away from home and have a new experience, but still close enough to come home,” the London, Ontario, student responded when asked why she chose the University of Windsor for first year criminology. “Plus they had the program I wanted, and it’s a really good school.”

Sigi TorinusVisual arts professor Sigi Torinus stands in the middle of one of the video displays in her exhibit "Into The Light." The exhibit will be on display at the Art Gallery of Windsor until June 15.

Art exhibit challenges attachment to 'big ideas'

In a world full of “isms,” it’s only natural to wonder if there’s a danger in becoming too attached to the ideals that drive our actions. But how simple is it for us to become distracted from the paradigms that seemingly define us? And as we go through life, how do we navigate our way through our own beliefs, and those of others, remaining grounded all the while?