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anne forrestAnne Forrest will appear today on Research Matters on CJAM to discuss the Bystander Initiative, a project which aims to reduce sexual assault on university campuses. May is Sexual Assault Prevention Month.

UWindsor leads fight against sex assault with Bystander Initiative

Canadian universities trying to deter rape culture and reduce the number of sexual assaults on their campuses should take a close look at how the University of Windsor is addressing the problem, according to a researcher leading an innovative prevention program here.

combustionAbout 120 delegates will be on campus to attend the annual spring meeting of the Canadian section of the Combustion Institute, which kicks off with a reception this evening.

Blended ethanol fuels a 'tiger trap,' says visiting professor

Blending ethanol with gasoline may have been a well-intended plan to reduce our reliance on foreign oil, but for the most part, the experiment has not been a successful one, according to a visiting professor who will lecture here Wednesday.

Steven PalmerSteven Palmer will discuss his research on the Metropolitan School of Nursing when he appears on CJAM at 4:30 p.m. today.

Dogged by scandal, school left positive mark on nursing profession

It was unfairly dragged into a local sex scandal back in its day, but a demonstration school established in Windsor during the middle of the last century broke new ground and became a model for nursing education in Canada, according to a university historian.

Gillian KornackiBotsford scholar Gillian Kornacki will deliver a lecture on French colonial families in the Detroit River Region at Ducks on the Roof in Amherstburg this Thursday night.

History scholar to discuss Detroit River region's French colonial families

Whenever Gillian Kornacki drives down Goyeau Avenue, she must wonder what life was like for her distant relatives.

“My grandma was a Goyeau, so I grew up with the stories about how that street used to be our farm,” says the fourth-year history major.

Those stories were enough to make her do a little more digging. Several years ago, while visiting her grandfather’s house, she found a genealogy book, compiled by one of her relatives during the 1970s, tracing her family’s history back 12 generations.

Zbigniew Pasek and Marzieh MehrjooZbigniew Pasek and Marzieh Mehrjoo look at some clothing articles from Zara. The researchers studied how much product variety "fast fashion" manufacturers can introduce into their lineup before it becomes a losing proposition for them.

'Fast fashion' product variation studied by engineering researchers

Researchers have developed a model that will help people figure out how much product variability it can introduce before it becomes a losing proposition.

Gary GoodyearMinister of State Gary Goodyear kicks off the the 47th annual International Academy for Production Engineering Conference on Manufacturing Systems, Monday in the Centre for Engineering Innovation.

Manufacturers must adapt, minister's conference kick-off message

You needn’t look any further than Canada’s national pastime to see how innovation can dramatically change a game, according to Gary Goodyear.

“Hockey sticks used to be made of wood,” noted the Minister of State (Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario), who was on campus Monday to kick off the 47th annual International Academy for Production Engineering Conference on Manufacturing Systems, continuing through the week at the Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation.

Steven RehseSteven Rehse demonstrates the basic principles of spectroscopy in this file photo from last year's research and creative activity showcase at Devonshire Mall. The physics professor will be at the event again this year.

Devonshire Mall event to help public better understand university research

A visit to Devonshire Mall this Saturday will make understanding academic research a little easier.

Bill AltenhofEngineering professor Bill Altenhof holds up a piece of aluminum tubular frame that's been split by an axial cutting device.

Engineer designs device to dampen load from collision impact

Whether you’re driving a tank through a war zone or a minivan to the grocery store, you want the assurance of knowing your vehicle was designed to withstand any kind of collision, no matter how severe.

Gordon DrakeGordon Drake is part of a team of physicists who determined the exact critical charge for two-electron atoms that form elements like helium.

Physicists settle great debate over two-electron atoms

Going back to the days of Sir Isaac Newton, there have always been certain problems of physics and mathematics that seem all-but unsolvable.

Many of those persist today, and the list is a lengthy one. What is dark matter made of? What causes a supernova to explode? Is there a grand unification theory, or a ‘theory of everything,’ which explains all fundamental physical constants?