Cheryl Paglione

Yvette Bulmer with Alan WildemanRetiree Yvette Bulmer, who reached 25 years of service in 2013, accepts congratulations from UWindsor president Alan Wildeman.

Luncheon honours 25-year employees for service to University

Marga Pomponio has had a “wonderful 25 years” working at the University of Windsor.

“These people are my family away from home,” says the payroll clerk, one of 25 campus employees honoured at a luncheon Friday for reaching the milestone of a quarter-century of service in 2013. “I have great respect for my colleagues and co-workers.”

She says the luncheon event came as a surprise to her.

“I feel so honoured to be recognized this way,” Pomponio says. “The amount of congratulations has just been too much.”

Online form to simplify application for tuition remission

The eTuition Waiver launched this week will allow current employees to make online applications for the tuition waiver benefit program.

The online form interfaces with records from the Human Resources System and the Student Information System, eliminating much of the verification work done by hand under the old system.

“Our goal was to enhance the services we provide and streamline the approach all the while being more environmentally friendly,” says Cheryl Paglione, director of employee services in Human Resources.

Health care partnership to offer reduced pharmacy fees

Joining the pharmacy component of the Southwestern Ontario Health Care Partnership offers an innovative way to control rising costs, says the University’s human resources department.

The partnership provides a network of pharmacies that have agreed to offer University of Windsor faculty and staff discounted dispensing and professional fees, competitive drug ingredient prices, and high-quality levels of service.

Use of the program is voluntary, says Cheryl Paglione, director of employee services.