Dan Castellan

Utility company provides incentive for University’s conservation efforts

A new system to monitor the University’s energy use will help to identify ways to save both energy and money, says the Facility Services engineer responsible for the project.

“Each building has meters to measure its consumption of electricity, natural gas and cooling water, and now we have a central system to gather all of that information on one desktop,” says Dan Castellan. “We can analyze each building independently and set performance standards.”

Streetscaping to transform area between student centre, Dillon and Memorial halls

Work on a new streetscaping project located in front of the CAW Student Centre between Dillon and Memorial halls is scheduled to begin July 30, according to Dan Castellan, manager of facilities, planning, design and construction.

The Student Centre Courtyard, which will be jointly funded by the Universuity of Windsor Students’ Alliance and the University through its Strategic Priority Fund, will  re-imagine the existing space to make it more user-friendly and serve the ongoing use requirements of students, Castellan says.

Campus project to gather information for new asbestos-location software system

Updating the inventory records of where asbestos is located across campus will begin next week and continue over the next eight to 10 months, says project leader Dan Castellan.

Contractors from Pinchin Environmental will sample and analyze materials in every building – flooring, ceiling spaces, any place that may contain asbestos, Castellan says. He says the project follows the purchase of a new software system, which will keep track of asbestos locations in campus buildings.