Facility Services

Pump failure cuts steam and hot water supply

A broken pump has cut the supply of steam to all buildings and hot water to selected buildings on campus, Facility Services reports.

The affected services are those that use steam from the Energy Conversion Centre, including autoclaves and Food Services.

Early Thursday morning, engineers were working to determine the extent of the problem and correct it as quickly as possible. Find updates on the Web site of Facility Services.

Campus package delivery to require signature for receipt

Requiring a signature for the delivery of packages from Central Receiving will help to ensure they reach the intended recipient, says Facility Services. Effective July 16, the department will require a signature for all packages delivered to campus offices.

All purchase orders sent through the Purchasing Department must show the e-mail address of either the person ordering the items or of a person responsible for accepting package deliveries.

Service interruptions to affect space in Centre for Engineering Innovation

Equipment on emergency power will remain running for the duration of an electrical shutdown this weekend in Phase I of the Centre for Engineering Innovation.

Facility Services has announced areas of the building will experience an interruption in power service from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on July 7 and 8. See a map identifying the affected areas on the Web site of Facility Services.

Washroom upgrades to shut off water in Dillon Hall for a week

Dillon Hall is going dry for a week.

The building will have no water service—no sinks, no water fountains—from June 8 through 15, while contractors upgrade its washrooms. The shut down will begin at 8 a.m. Friday, June 8. The water should start flowing again the evening of June 15.

Project administrator Roger Rivard invites questions or concerns at 519-253-3000, ext. 2166.

Closed windows help to maintain cool indoor temperatures: Facility Services

Facility Services has issued a friendly reminder to occupants of campus buildings to keep office windows closed while air conditioning systems are in operation.

“The windows need to remain closed for us to maintain comfortable inside temperatures,” says executive director Susan Mark. “I know it may seem like a small thing, but open windows allow warm outside air to flow into the building forcing the mechanical systems to operate longer, thus creating undue stress on the equipment and premature wear and tear.”

Renovations to begin this week in Dillon Hall

Renovations in Dillon Hall will close the building’s washrooms and restrict access to other areas through the summer, Facility Services reports.

The washroom renovations are scheduled for completion by August 31. Until that time, all washrooms in Dillon Hall will be closed; washrooms are available in the adjoining buildings--Essex Hall, Memorial Hall, the University Computer Centre and the CAW Student Centre.

Donor reception celebrates success of employee fundraising campaign

Thursday’s reception in recognition of campus donors to the Annual Giving Program was the biggest yet, according to development officer Mona Dosen.

“We had a record number of people in attendance,” she said. “I think a lot of people wanted to see the new garden.”

As the culmination of this year’s fundraising campaign on the theme “Plant a seed,” Facility Services revamped a garden outside the Leddy Library, including one bed planted with a Lancer shield.

“They did a wonderful job,” Dosen said. “It is breathtaking.”